Should I make an alt account?

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Should I make an Alt?

Do it! Be able to argue without SOMGAI raging on you! Plus more cash and res's! 11 vote(s) 57.9%
NO. Let somgai rage on you after every post and get less money and res's 8 vote(s) 42.1%
  1. I recently got paid, like, really well, and was wondering if I should make an alternate MC account. Nobody would know it is me, and it would let me post my arguments and opinions on the forums without somgai (You know who you are.) saying that Im raging. Should I make one? It will also get my other account some more cash, and another res. If you vote, say why
  2. Id rather you get diamond supporter
  3. Do it, you may never know how much cash you can roll in with like shops and cafes and stuff like that
  4. That would be good, but I'm looking for a one time payment sort of thing. Im barely able to pay the gold supporter.
  5. Yo, don't hate on MR2, man.
    Anywho, I suggest you get one, just so that you can be in two places at once.
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  6. Who said i was hating on him?

    I totally was.
  7. Actually, you just did.
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  8. Um.. why not buy something useful? Like better graphics card.. mic for computer if you don't have.

    When ever me or my dad get money, we put it towards his computer in California so he can get is work done faster and be able to pay his bills. Pretty smart if you think about it.

    But if your wanting another account, get one. You can have one as a explorer in the wild, bringing ores to your main account.
  9. My 2nd Account Is Nole972_2 You Wouldnt Guess It Was Me
  10. Probably gonna make something totally discreet, like xXSAFETYxTORCHXx. Wait, just gave it away....
  11. Creating a alt to argue: No, just no.
    Creating an alt so you can get stuff done: Yes, just yes :)
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  12. Everyone has someone who dislikes them for no rational reason. Even I. That person knows who they are.
  13. I've never thought of it like that, but it is so true!
  14. .... xXSAFETYxDANCEXx
  15. You Hater tater....
  16. I know who it is, but I'm not going to point fingers. Copherfield teehee, i figured out the text. lololololo
  17. I mean state my opinions without someone going:


  18. Try to state your opinions in a way that will not offend other people aimlessly. I try to do that as best as I can, but some people just annoy the secrets out of me.
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  19. Yes i do! ^-^
    Ow, *facepalm*
    Yes get an alt account but for example to grind on 2 places at the same time, to get 2 residences, more rupees, to troll on other servers, to make alt stuff at the same time

    No don't get it to post "freely" what is in your mind is in your words, not only in your minecraft IGN.

    *what i mean is that, your concepts are the one rejected by anyone that rejectes them, so will he do with your alt account, concepts are one thing, names are other.*
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  20. My seccond account is: Ow wait, i don't have seccond accounts :p

    So you got well paid and you have no money?
    too much alcohol and party that weekend huh?

    *I'm assuming you are 24 years old, it's not against the rules to state that you drink alcohol*
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