Should I Come Back?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AlarmGoesBeep, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. I left the Empire back in July and haven't played minecraft ever since. I think I have had a good enough break from it so should I come back or not.
  2. Yes.
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  3. Thanks for the support nfell but I need a reason to come back, something I can do.
  4. Join my wild town ;D
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  5. Go talk on the forums :)

    Also a great idea.
  6. What do you mean by that 607, nfell I have had many experiences with wild towns and I don't see the point because you can only do so many things then it becomes less enjoyable if you know what I mean, not disrespecting your town nfell.
  7. It's fine :p I took no disrespect. People find fun in different places :)
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  8. just a few ideas that you could do if you came back is start some sort of event of your own or even work on some sort of large project that would keep you busy for a while, for example i am gathering up and preparing a 15 res build on smp3 which should keep me quite busy for a good while and will keep my interest. start a bulk supply to go out and gather items in bulk for other players in exchange for payment. endless things to come back to it just comes down to what sparks your interest.
  9. was thinking about opening my bulk supply again :)
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  10. Do that! PM me if you do :)
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  11. Try to make a million rupees (not so hard anymore).
  12. if you do start up your bulk supply let me know i got quite a few items im in need of for a build i got going and dont have much time to mine and do building/class work. i got quite a few materials already but im going to need alot over time.
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  13. guys if i start it up I may need to time to readjust because I haven't played in a wile so i'll let you all know thanks for the support
  14. Is playing on EMC not a good enough thing to do?

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  15. Back In Business Baby, you can now place orders :)
  16. Just sitting on your residence with nobody to talk to gets old really quickly for me.
  17. Well, just check the recent threads box daily, welcome new players, comment on people's works, participate in discussions, celebrate the arrival of new mods, et cetera. Just make yourself more known on the forums!