Shoreham airshow crash

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Human error or mechanical

Human error 3 vote(s) 50.0%
Mechanical error 3 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. The plane wasn't a red arrow, was it? I know the RAF refused to fly there because it was dangerous, but did they get pressured into doing it or something? If they stuck to their word, I'm going to assume it was human error until proven otherwise.
  2. The link is broken for me :confused:
    I read in the FAZ it was a Hawker Hunter.
  3. Red arrow as in the RAF's display planes, not its model :p

    But, aye, the Shoreham plane was a Hawker Hunter.
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  4. Judging by what happened, I'm going to assume it was pilot error. Going upside down does crazy things to your sense of direction, so the pilot probably became disorientated for a short period of time and ended up crashing. One thing that surprised me is that I've been to a few airshows and I've never seen a pilot attempt to pull off a loop that close to the ground.
  5. I'm tempted to blame it on a pilot error but then again; pilots rely on their instruments to make certain decisions. And it looked like the looping had already ended but he could no longer manage to get the plane to gain more altitude again. So I'm a bit in between; it looks like human error, but for all I know his instruments could be faulty which made him to engage the looping at the wrong time and/or place.

    I think it's impossible to tell from the video footage.
  6. I've heard that the engine may have cut out/stalled at some point during the loop, making it hard to recover from the last part of the loop. It could still simply be human error, or a mixture of both, but this is what I have heard. It's a terrible thing that happened and my heart goes out to all those involved.

    As for the poll, it could be either, both, or the engine stalling. It's hard to tell from this video alone, that's something that an investigation would have to determine.
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  7. Hi Everyone :)

    f_builder_s has forgotten his password so he wanted me to say this:

    It wasn't the Red Arrows and the pilot didn't eject to it suggests he thought he could make the manoeuvre, so it was probably not mechanical. ~Builder

    f_builder_s will be back online as soon as he remembers his password, until then any messages from him will be posted by me :rolleyes:

    Have a nice day, Bye.
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  8. I heard about this on the news a few hours after it happened and I feel sorry for you to witness such horrible disaster.

    As for the poll, I think it was both human and mechanical. The pilot looked like he was trying to land before he crashed and the reason he didn't eject himself was probably because he wanted to try and land it and have no fatalities.
    For the reason it was mechanical is if he tried to land, the wheels wasn't out so it possibly got jammed and the engine looked like to cut out when he crashed.
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