Shopping List

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  1. Need all these materials ASAP

    3x DCs of quartz blocks - 100k per DC
    1x DC of iron blocks - 90k
    4 1/2x DCs of diamonds - 72r per diamond / 248k per DC

  2. I will probably not get all the iron although I do say "I will"... Expect a free portion. I will pm you.
  3. your rich... if your going to pay 100k per dc... man 1mil
  4. Bump, would like to start building soon
  5. I might be able to get you some iron, will tell if so.
  6. I need the quartz to start the build. :)
  7. what build
  8. Going to make a quartz palace
  9. Bump, someone can get a decent chunk of change for some quartz.
  10. I can see what I can do about that quartz :)
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  11. Are you still in need? I should be able to provide a chunk of the quartz later today, possibly iron as well.
  12. As long as this thread is open I am in need. :)
  13. Bump, updated list
  14. I will go mining tomorrow... I will get u a dc of quartz
  15. Nice list
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  16. Bump, need the diamonds most!