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  1. Hello Peeps ;), I'm W1ther, and i will open my first shop since many tests and researchs.
    Here's image about my shop:
    How to visit my shop?
    +w1ther shop at smp6
    Index In Second Post (Due werid emc post i can't use color code)
    Which things i sell?
    Sells most things, i'll add it overtime (things i added i will update on this list)
    I also have public services, free giveaway ;)
    Public Services Sector
    Giveaway Sector:
    Discord: W1therRex#9924
    Emc Forums (i'll check on invertal)
    In-Game (If i'm afk, please use discord chat)
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  2. Here's index about my shop:
    Light green Line- Dark oak sign: Public Services Sector (you can choose any side)
    Yellow Line- a chest with message sign: Help site (this forum page)
    Light Blue Line- Crimson Sign: Resources and non-enchant, enchant tool
    Green Line- Brich Sign: Building Block
    Magenta Line- Acacia Sign: Foodstuffs and brewery
    Red Line- Jungle Sign: Mobs drop, custom item loot
    Pink line- Warped sign: Ore things, transport block
    Purple line- Spruce sign: Misc item and egg station
    Cyan line- Oak sign: Auction Pickups, free giveaways