[Shop] The Witches Potion Shoppe - NOW OPEN!

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  1. The Witches Potion Shoppe
    The Cheapest Prices On The Largest Selection of Potions In The Empire!

    Everyone Knows Witches Make The Best Potions.
    But Beware Of The Witch! Do Not Look The Witch In The Eye!
    Or She Will Turn You Into A Chicken!!
    You Are Forewarned! Cluck Cluck
    Come To smp5 11086 or +witch
    Remember The Reset Is Coming!!
  2. Awesomest shop ever! That thing scared the bejees out of me and I had already triggered it once lol.
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  3. Great shop. Has all the potions and all the new arrows. Plenty of stock and the lowest prices anywhere in the Empire.
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  4. I guess Chickeneer has already looked into her eyes.
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  5. It's an awesome potions shop, and the prices are very competitive!