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  1. Hello all Motion here and today I will be telling you about my shop..

    Best Minecraft Servers

    Me and theomglover are currently building the shop.

    What Does This Shop Have In It?
    This shop all everything... Not really all I will have is just some promos and rares. Prices will be in the next bump.

    I will not be buying promos but soon, Theomglover with his shop.
    [Spoilers] Screenshots will go in here
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  2. Reserved for Prices
  3. Why are you bumping the tread if there is no real information included?
    I was just wondering, because the majority of the post is about the next bump including things.
    Also, you bumped the thread a couple times, but never put in the prices.

    Anyways, good luck with the shop!
    Maybe I'll take a look around when it opens.

    (When does it open?)
  4. Cant wait when the shop opens :D
  5. Well... I havent put in anything yet so its a W.I.P Also the shop will open in 1-3months:)
  6. He said reserved :) So he might put the prices before his shop opens
  7. Stocking this weekend