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  1. Hello all Motion here and today I will be telling you about my shop..

    Me and theomglover are currently building the shop.

    What Does This Shop Have In It?
    This shop all everything... Not really all I will have is just some promos and rares. Prices will be in the next bump.

    I will not be buying promos but soon, Theomglover with his shop.
    [Spoilers] Screenshots will go in here
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  2. Reserved for Prices
  3. Why are you bumping the tread if there is no real information included?
    I was just wondering, because the majority of the post is about the next bump including things.
    Also, you bumped the thread a couple times, but never put in the prices.

    Anyways, good luck with the shop!
    Maybe I'll take a look around when it opens.

    (When does it open?)
  4. Cant wait when the shop opens :D
  5. Well... I havent put in anything yet so its a W.I.P Also the shop will open in 1-3months:)
  6. He said reserved :) So he might put the prices before his shop opens
  7. Stocking this weekend