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  1. Hello Peoples,

    Soon I will be opening my newest shop
    I know its such a dull name, but it was what I could come up with.

    Before I had a shop 'Smp5 Iron.' I really thought that I wasnt gonna get money really fast, so I decided to close that shop and start a new shop, If you are wondring what ima sell, well Ima sell Op Diamond Armour, Tool and Also Op Iron Armour, Tools. Since Mob Arena is in smp5, Ill make a section call Mob Arena tools, armour, Ill try make it as cheap as I can. I will be also selling special mob drops, like Marlix, Momentus Armour.

    Like I said I would try to make all this cheap.
  2. Reserved for prices

    Vault Voucher: 6.5k
    Stable Voucher: 5.5k
    Diamond Voucher: 350k
    Gold Voucher: 200k
    Iron Voucher: 90k

  3. What items will you be purchasing?
  4. He asked what items will you be buying :p
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  5. Oh.. He said 'What' My Bad :p,
    • Momentus Sword/Armour
    • Marlix Bow/Armour
    • Vouchers/Support Vouchers
    • Dragon Stones
    • Staff Items
    • Promos
    There you go ;)
  6. Cool I have some stuff you might like.
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  8. Looks pretty sweet to me
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  9. Cant wait :D
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