[SHOP] Ted and Pig's Mini Shop!

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  1. Hello, after many various attempts of making a shop, tedrocker and I finally settled down to spend a little time on making on! :D

    We sell ores/gems, mob heads, mob drops, enchants, and we also have daily deals!

    We chose a theme of a cave/dungeon kind of setting.. So hopefully that all turned out well and looks good. :)

    The shop is located on SMP2, residence 4433 and is currently almost stocked.. (Ores and enchants that is)

    Here are some pictures:
    2014-01-20_21.14.57.png 2014-01-20_21.15.03.png 2014-01-20_21.15.08.png 2014-01-20_21.15.15.png 2014-01-20_21.15.21.png 2014-01-20_21.15.34.png 2014-01-20_21.15.48.png

    Hopefully you can stop by and donate a little, or just look around! You also can always buy and sell. ;)
  2. Checking it out now.
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  3. looks nice from the pictures, ill have to come check it out sometime ^_^
  4. Good shop. Perfectly timed Daily Deal so I can get cheap endstone.
    Buying stuff now.
  5. One problem: They Don't Buy Ghast Heads! :mad:
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  6. Now selling Villager heads! Very cheap, 4k a pop! Also, out of stock on the cow heads. :p
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  7. Stocked up on mob heads thanks to Luckypat. :p
  8. Bump! Added enderman heads! :)
  9. Added blaze heads back for sale, and added cow heads! Enderman heads re-stocked for the time being.
  10. Great shop. I'm sure that I'll be there and back a lot.
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  11. Bump! Selling more heads! A bigger variety and a better stock! 4433!