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    Check out our range of wares!

    We stock:



    So why not pop along and check out our departments?






  2. I would usually be a bit annoyed by these but this. This looks like the shop may be good,
  3. shop smart has been around for a bit, i guess korg just started a thread now.... btw, is marg running this with you still korg?
  4. I'd have to say this is the best Advertising of a shop I've seen :) Kudos.
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  5. the guy at the bottom must be someone after a black friday sale
  6. +1 for Korgroth, "This is my BOOMStick!"
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  7. We both drifted away to give the game some space. We're really just waiting for the DT and Wild land claiming to be brought in as we have a massive village in the Wild. I'm just popping back on from time to time to see how the store is doing and update some prices. :)
  8. I use this place regularly. Brilliant and the layout is fantastic and quick - better than any other shop I've used.
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  9. This place now offers Bottle 'O Enchanting sales - unlimited amounts available! I only found out today. What a bargain. They've also got two Infinite Emerald Villagers but you have to book an appointment if you want to pay to get Emerald Stacks.

    Not bad!
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  10. Yes. Yes she is :D
  11. Did you know, I even checked out Mr B.C himself but it turns out he refuses point blank to do any voice overs of any kind.

    How disappointing.
  12. Very Creative :)
  13. Just visited and realized that I have been shopping here for a while now. Good shop!
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