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  1. So i cannot seem to sell my silk touch books with a shop chest it just says no stock when i use the item id so does anyone else have this problem or can we even sell books with shops?
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  2. Use [Slot 1] on the last line as temporary work around until Aikar has it fixed.
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  3. I have no experience with this but I think using [slot 1] it will take from anywhere in the chest. :)
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  4. ok thanks
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  5. [slot 1] will sell it from first slot only and you will have to replace that first slot manually every time. Instead use [slot 27] for single chest and arrange books from last slot to first.
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  6. Sorry for being dense, but what does that mean?
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  7. I think they mean that you can place all the books in the 27 slots - from 1 to 27 - to sell them all if the sign says [SLOT 27]. :) I'm not sure if this works though, actually... it might
  8. That means, if there is no full chest of books, lets say there are 5 books to sell (and not 27 to fill all the chest) they must to be placed from slot 27-26-25-24-23 and not 1-2-3-4-5.
    Does it makes sense now?
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  9. Yes, thanks, I get it now. :D
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  10. its cuz the shop takes from top 2 bottom
  11. lol enchanted books don't stack but I see why you crossed it out :p