Shop sign text glitch?

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  1. I have noticed some odd behavior in some of my shop signs since the 1.8 update. Let's start with the most glaring example first.

    #1: Stone Slab shop chest displaying as "Red Sandstone Slab."



    #2: Enchantment Table shop chest displaying as simply "Enchantment."



    #3 : Nether Brick Stairs shop sign displaying as "Nether Brick."



    The item description text in signs #2 and #3 may simply be getting cut off. I have not sold any yet to check for functionality. However, sign #1 is most definitely not "Red Sandstone Slab." Thoughts?
  2. Have you tried replacing the signs and using /iteminfo to get the last line?
  3. Yes. I just tried it again with all three and got the exact same results.
  4. I've noticed that as well when I was setting up my mall....there was also some problems like that with wood.
  5. Bump.

    I've discovered more incidences of shop sign item descriptions being truncated into a single word in addition to what was listed above. Is this being investigated or should I file a more official notice via message on site?
  6. For some of those, it isn't a glitch. The items were programmed to change names on the sing so that they will fit. I can't say the same for the stone slabs, but you'll still be buying the same thing.
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  7. the /iteminfo command also gives you a number to put if you forget the name, use that number at the bottom of the sign, it should be like 123:2 for example
  8. That thread's for server problems (such as downtimes, lag, etc.), not bug reports/problems with features. :)
  9. Oh sorry, Ill edit post, but theres still record of that being there. Thanks!
  10. Fair enough. Before 1.8, shop signs with long item descriptions would be partially cut off but were not reduced in the same manner as now seems to be the case, having the entire last word of the item name removed.

    With an item frame showing the buyer what is in the chest it's not really a problem. But without one the sign text could potentially misrepresent the actual contents as in the case of "Nether Brick Stairs" being reduced to "Nether Brick". That could pose issues for inexperienced shoppers and shop owners.