Shop SALE at 13131 smp6

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  1. Shop is now re-opened and Silky's sale has begun. come quick and don't miss out on the bargains
  2. Ooh! I'll come now. :)
  3. bump pidy didy bump
  4. if only i was up at 4AM in order to buy all teh diamonds b4 they were gone... xD
  5. they were gone before then finch bought em all before we were even allowed on
  6. Ill ckeck it out :)
  7. They went before the SALE :D
  8. Even Finch did not get them :D
  9. Well then....

    I still got 3 full sets of dia armor marked down priced..... oh well, and ended up spending 8k when i wanted to spend like 3 but sales always make me spend too much.
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  10. Want to see what shop prices used to be like here on EMC come check out the Silky Sale and bump
  11. Ah it feels good not being tied to my shop all the time, but please feel free to look around plenty of cheap priced items.
  12. still plenty of bargains to be had