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  1. Hi just an update on my shop res /v 13131 smp6.

    I have now stocked a lot of items building blocks, mob heads, enchanted armor, wepons and tools.

    I also buy some items and this will increase in time.

    Pls feel free to visit and take a look around.

    Is there something I don't currently stock tht you would like me to add?
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  2. Just added about another 15 items to the store blocks mobs and food items
  3. Adding some Ultimate Bows to the shop today these will be 5K each.

    Many mobs sacrificed their EXP for the crafting of these Bows.

    The Bows have been crafted using the finest of tools and books so I will have more then one chest shop selling them pls keep looking if you do not see them straight away, (Hint) Look in the armour section of the shop :)

    These are limited stock so be quick!
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  4. I have started building my new place at /v 13131 smp6, in case anyone is wondering its ment to be a Rose, or Rose bud anyway enjoy. Still a lot of work to do yet.
  5. Bumping from Sorrento Italy
  6. Valumptious bumptious