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  1. too lazy to read if it's been said b4---
    but i'd like to see either an ingame "list" or even a webpage list of people's shops, name, res # of shops, something like that...
    i use /v +random a lot, and it isn't very efficient when i want something in particular
    i just cant remember everyone and if i wrote it down, i'd lose the paper anyway.
  2. I suggest using /v +shop or /v +mall

    It would be impossible to manage a list like this due to new shops spinning up and some closing down on frequent basis.
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  5. NCC also has a small shop list that he is working on.
  6. Ncc is currently banned so MatthewDA's list is probably the best one to go by right now. :)

    EDIT: And azoundria's market
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  7. Or My NewsPaper Could help too
  8. My list is being revamped soon, along with Empire Prices, it will have a whole new look and feel. The reviewing of shops will resume soon when I have the time to do so, until then I suggest Azoundria or MatthewDA's list.
  9. Suggestion denied for addition to EMC official side. Please rely on /v +shop and /v +mall or other players' lists.
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