Shop at smp6 lot 12182!

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  1. Hi Minecraft people
    I've been working on a shop. Finally made something fairly good. Trying to make sure shop has cheap prices. If you guys have any suggestions of what to stock please help me out! :D
  2. If you can, stock colored wool. It is always a good item to have, as many people use it for building, and I am in the market for red and green wool so that I can make a giant sign labeled "$ SHOP $" above my store.
  3. Okay I'll try to do that! Thanks!
    I also made a SHOP sign above my shop. :D
  4. Current Pricing Of Shop

    Cooked fish 5r/1
    Stone Pickaxe 15r/1
    Brown Mushroom 10r/5
    Flint 15r/5
    Stone sword 15r/1
    Sandstone 5r/2
    Leaves 15r/16
    Glass pane 12r/5
    Torch 5r/5
    Sapling FREE
    Apple 10r/1
    White wool 4r/10
    Cactus 5r/2
    Bread 10r/2
    Steak 10r/2

    This is the current stock of my shop. I'm planning to have colored wool and cooked
    chicken too. Sorry if the sell prices are low I recently went bankrupt because of people
    selling items. Please suggest anything you think should be stocked. :D
  5. Price/Quanity
  6. I think that the bread, leaves and wheat are deffinatley over priced. The rest seem ok and the wool is cheap (-:
  7. The saplings are CHEAP! You are wasting potential money by giving away those saplings. I myself sell them for 5r per sapling, and get plenty of sales.
  8. That's okay! I'm fine with it. :D
  9. Just added netherrack for 10r/16! :)
  10. Still working on the colored wool though.
  11. Okay! Changed bread to 5r/2 and the leaves to 5r/16
    I don't currently have a shop for wheat but I might add one. :D
  12. I'm also thinking of adding pork at 5r/2 and chicken at 5r/2 and gold ingots at 100r/1
  13. Good (-:
    Gold isnt worth that much. Diamond is arund 50r so..
  14. Added more stuff to shop!
    Started to get more colored wool! :D
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  15. I added redstone dust, seeds, logs, chicken, pork, cobblestone and coal.
    Hoping to add iron and diamonds.
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  16. I may also add Melon, Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lanterns, Snowballs, Mushroom soup, More colored wool (hoping to add in Cactus Green and Lime colors soon.)

    I'm also opening a wool shop right next to my shop. :D
  17. Fish is now out of stock. :(
  18. Thats a good thing (-:
  19. Ill sell you melons at a discount when I have enough to stock them. Just come to my shop and ill take some out of my chest and sell them to you at 20 or 25% off.
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  20. I'm thinking of increasing the price of coal because it always sells in about a minute once I restock it.