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  1. Hello everyone

    Just so you know I am still around, just very busy at the moment with college. Anyway my shops are still live and active so please use them there are plenty of items in stock and room for more if you want to earn some rupees by selling to them.

    Smp3 /v 7313

    Smp6 /v 13131 < - - Main mall with sugar cane facility built in

    Smp7 /v 15151

    Enjoy and have fun


  2. I never got to tell you how I like 13131.
    An underground mall. I like the way it is designed, and how it looks aesthetically speaking.
    What is your major study at college if I may ask?
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  3. Btw your Hard Clay teleport sign isn't setup properly. It teleports you to a redstone repeater, and you are trapped thereafter.
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  4. Thanks,

    I am studying Access to health and Social Care course plus maths and english GCSE. I am looking to study a 3 year degree course in podiatry from next year.

    The course is full time and is very full on, A levels and GCSE's. Biology and physiology are very interesting and I am just starting psychology module, learning loads about my own health along the way which is helpful.
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  5. hmm there must be a glitch dropping you through the floor, I will have to reset the spawn point 1 block up so you drop onto the repeater.

    Tnx for letting me know
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  7. Checking this out in 3 mins, just gonna log on :)
  8. restocked some items iron. gold etc lots of quartz in stock
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