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  1. there should be a place by /town like a notice board or even a chest open to all where we could put books advertising our shops

    this would help in multiple ways
    1. it would stop (or at least curtail) the random nubs from saying things like "does anyone sell wheat"
    2. it would stop chat spam (somewhat) of things like "COME TO 12345 TODAY for the best values!
    3. some of us shop owners would love to have a personalized advert where we can color and personalize text in more then the chat characters limit us.

    it wouldnt even need to be protected really shop owners would be responsible for keeping their advert books in stock (there would probably have to be a limit every shop could put in to prevent a monopoly)
  2. any changes to the general idea of the suggestion can go here
  3. anyone have input?
  4. I love this idea, because i cannot ever find things like ores and woods in stock at alot of places.
  5. This is a great idea cause whenever i'm looking for something I need to buy I always have to ask "does anyone sell ____?" and it gets very annoying cause a lot of the time no one responds. It would be very helpful to know where to find a good shop.
  6. We have a revamped shop coming.

    I had suggested a "pshop" world with smaller residences for shopkeepers to build on. Shops only. But what we've got coming will be much easier to buy items.
  7. Thats awesome thanks!
  8. I think the EMC Shop Database should be brought back updated and easier to use!
  9. It would be nice if it was maintained. It will be relatively obsoltete when the shop update goess into effect.
  10. Why whats happening in the shop update? I have not heard much about it? :)
  11. A long time ago we had a "Community Board". You could put two signs on it at max. It would be for advertising shops or something. Jeremy or ICC would take down all the signs every two days. Worked well, but those days we have about 500 members.
  12. thats why i suggested am open chest full of books, most servers dont have more then a dc of shops and you could even clear it every night making it the shop/mall owners responsibility to refill it. the only problem would be the do-do heads who would inevitably take all the books for whatever reason i dont think there would be many of those tho
  13. Aikar has been working on a shop update where you can access info on all shops for a particular item on a server, arranged by price (and availablility?).
  14. ohhhhh thats much better anyways ^
  15. well i know that manic but most new people either do not use forums intentionally or have no idea about them somehow