Shop 19143 is looking for a shop manager!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by joshmcf, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. The shop at res 19143 is looking for a new manager! The shop is currently the biggest shop of all of EMC, but I have started another big project and I can no longer stock it. I am looking for a manager that will finish stocking the shop and keep it going. The job will obviously be payed.

    I have added chests to the bottom 3 levels on each side:
    The dragon is no longer there ;(

    If you are interested please fill out the form below:
    Years played:
    Why you would like to be the manager:
    Past infractions (kicks or bans), if applies and for what:
  2. years played 1
    Cause it would be very fun
    I think i have had 3 or 4
  3. Anyone else? The job is payed and will be a steady income because it will be permanent.
  4. so do i get it
  5. 1 year bro?
  6. Bump? Anyone else? We would still work together and all the work would not be put onto you, I could pay you weekly or you can take up half of the shop sections and sell with your own chests.

  7. I suggest not making claims about being the biggest anything without doing your research. There are shops on other servers, including mine, that are larger. Just some friendly advice. :)
  8. Sorry to bring bad news but I just /p awesomeosky and it says that he has only been on for 176 days (not a full year)
    and more importantly he is perma banned for rude and inappropriate chat.
  9. Your shop is larger than 60x60x150?
  10. IGN: yankees518
    Years played: Over 1 Year :)
    Why you would like to be the manager: I like shops, and I think this would be a fun experience.
    Past infractions (kicks or bans), if applies and for what: 2 Kicks, one Caps and Swearing, and another Spamming, and a tempban per request :)