Shop @ 13131 SMP6

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  1. Hi all, as promised my new mall is now open sorry for the closed down time.

    Lots of new products in the sops, and built them like pods so all logs and planks are together etc, easier to find items. However if you have problems please let me know.

    I am now selling multiple DC,s of items, more room for you to sell to and buy from.

    Over 4 DC,s of quarts blocks,
    Over 12 DC,s of iron blocks and ingots

    Just to mention a few, keep on the look out for random price drops and bargains.
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  3. Eeeverybody bump now. xDD
  4. Looks good. I was by all the sections to add items to my site. I noticed margins are a bit thick, but I suppose pricing decisions are up to you, and you may have decided to 'skim' rather than being competitive with this shop.

    Both of your shiny flesh and shiny arrow signs are broken (they say rotten flesh and arrow, which wont work). Other than that everything looked good.
  5. Thanks, not sure I like this website thing, I sell to much stuff too quickly.
  6. Really? Every item I search I can't see you on the top 9. But I only searched a few items.
  7. Only some items sold out like 30+ beacons am I the only one that sells them or has them in stock / had
  8. Dang... I would have loved to have those beacons lol. :p I think most shops still price their beacons around 10k when they are now worth about 15k if you can find them in stock.
  9. Baili and I bought 20-30 beacons ... Almost everyone is out of stock now except Silk, Me, Pascal, Todd, and Bite

    Silk and Todd list theirs for 15k

    Pascal for 17k

    Bite and me are way lower - but have to constantly re-stock ...
  10. I can get the heads but cant figure how to kill withers with out getting killed and losing the heads and the star.
  11. I use strength potions and regen potions ... and keep splash health potions on hand ... keep them low to the ground and hit them with my sword as fast as possible.
  12. Fight 50 instead. It's fun.