Shooter00; A Christmas Miracle.

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  1. As most of you know, ever since 14141 was removed from my possession I have been trying to recover. Today something great happened. Not only did the Drop Party give me remarkable items, but it also helped me get great riches. I heard something was happening at SMP2 and so I went there to discover people were getting banned. One guy (Shooter00) gave me 64,000r as soon as I joined. He then told me to go to /shop and so I did. Before I could say thanks, he bombarded me with all of his mineral blocks, ores, promos, armor, and tools. I was trying to comprehend what happened. After he was done giving me his items, he stood there for a moment and looked at me. I went to thank him but he just disappeared with a ban. I do not want to forget the person who helped me greatly.

    If there is any chance that he is reading this, I just want to say thank you.
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  2. Literally a last gift... Wow. I looked at his ban reason, and it's almost as if he tried to use his last act to make up for his crimes. I hope that if I am ever in the same situation, I do not try to take my items down with me as he did. A small act in his opinion, no doubt, but a very big one to others.
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  3. Wow.
    What happened with your other res and what was this guy banned for?
  4. What a great guy. Shame he got banned:(
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  5. BeLugh gave me perms to 14141 so I " owned " it and I put an upwards of 500k into trying to revive 14141. It then went derelict and was unclaimed with my wealth still in it.

    He was banned for rudeness in chat and Foul language.
  6. Shame he got banned :(
    He should be unbanned!
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  7. You know you could have voted in their name to save the res?
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  8. Was that in effect when I was owning 14141?
  9. How long ago was it?
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  10. Another veteran member gone :(
    I remember shooter.
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  11. I got the residence around December of 2012
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  12. ooh, don't think that was around then, my apologies
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  13. No prob.