Shell's Silly Someting Contest :P

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by ShelLuser, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. One Ava launcher is at stake here.

    What ava launcher? the soulbound one! oh.. wait.. ok: not the 2014 one.

    Which (sorta) recent EMC update / feature is my absolute favorite? First to tell me (in this thread, do NOT comment in-game. Sorry, normally its no issue but I'm dead tired and only briefly chatting) will win tha snowball to rule them all!

    Also don't PM me in-game tomorrow; best to keep it here ;)

    Alts? sure, alts are allowed if you want to hide your presence.

    Only 2 guesses per player though (yes; people with alts may have an advantage here. Sorry; don't blame me blame Aya :D) <runs from nasty comments> :D

    No Aya: you and GripCEO are disqualified from this event, sorry ;) I take my roleplay very far (I know) but not that far ;)

    Why this event? because I felt like it :)
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  2. Residence Flags? Custom Mobs?
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  3. No, no. Sorry :)
  4. "someting"

    Uh, custom shields? Elytra?
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  5. no, and no :p I even recently mentioned it :)

    Maybe something but its kinda vague :)

    Last silly competition too easy, this one too hard? naaah :) c'mon :)

    Edit: I will give a hint tomorrow (local time). something to do with directions :D
  6. Compass update. That wasn't too difficult to find :p
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  7. Only took you an alt or 3 :p

    But... in all fairness, we has a winner! I just logged out (seriously) so I will mail ya your prize tomorow. Who do I send it to, your alt (no aya, stop cheering #altpower) or your main (Dufne)? (no, its not nice to booh mains GripCEO!).

    Ignore that :) where do I send the ava to? and congrats!
  8. :eek: The direction update.....if that exist :p

    Edit: NINJAED by Sheluser
    Congrats Sachisan..egg
  9. I was 100% willing to use every single of my alts :p

    That's fine. Send it to Rhy (DufneIsANub) for his upcoming event. Thanks :)
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  10. And sent! congrats again! :)