Shell's blastmining madness event

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  1. Hi gang!


    What: Mining with TNT, trying to get more ore than your opponent(s). Each in a separate mine, so nothing in the likes of trying to blow each other up. No PvP allowed.
    When: Around upcoming weekend (19th of September).
    Also: We'll provide TNT and enderchests to store your stuff. You could die, but if you're careful you don't have to.

    Longer story:

    At the time of writing I'm preparing a treasure hunt, but while playing (and chatting) last night some wise person suddenly told me: "You never organized an in-game event on EMC before, so how do you think it'll work out?". I need some experience, and the best way to get it is try to dive in head first.

    Mining with TNT, are you insane?

    Yes... This is most likely the dumbest thing you ever saw, but its going to be fun. IF you properly prepare. And I'll help you. So what is this about?

    We're going out into the wastelands, we'll connect using a group (so we'll be forced in the same difficulty settings) and go out mining. It is a contest: the person who gets the most ore out of the ground will be the winner. There is of course only one catch: all you can use is.... TNT.

    Mining with TNT, isn't that dangerous?

    Yessss.... Trust me: it'll be easy going down, but going up is where the real challenge will be. But we'll get to those details later. Because I'm pretty sure that not many of you will be familiar with this kind of stupidity, errr: activity I am planning to make some preparations in order to help out. Like setting up a mining site so that you won't have to blast your way down from y64.

    But first I'll need to know if anyone is stupid, errr: brave enough to participate :D

    Isn't this going to be expensive?

    Yes, I'll throw in several stacks of TNT myself, but I also hope that some people might be willing to make a donation. But before we get to that part I'd first need to determine how many people would actually be interested in participating.

    Are there prices to be won?

    Of course! I just don't know yet what, but I'll come up with something good, trust me on that :)

    And for the record: this will not involve the price pot of the upcoming treasure hunt. That one sits safely in my storage room and only Aya and myself can access that.

    I'll could die and lose all my stuff !? :(

    You will most likely die, maybe several times even, yes. I'm working out ways to keep things safe if you have stuff on you which you don't want to use during the event.

    But we'll make sure to place plenty of enderchests so that you can keep your stuff safe!

    Idea 2:

    There could also be a guarded chest during the event which can be used to put your stuff in before participating, and this one will be monitored at all time (I already got one volunteer who I trust).

    Idea 2:

    There are some players I trust completely. If you trust me you can trust them. Maybe we could also set it up so that they will hold onto your stuff during the event and obviously give it back afterwards.

    And you can always bring some friends to help you out yourself.

    When is this going to happen?

    Right now my idea is to aim around the 19th of September, so the next weekend. But I'll come up with a specific time & date later on, as soon as I know if someone is actually interested.

    More details will follow during the next week (provided people are interested)!

    SO.... Any comments, complaints, ridicules, fish, rotten eggs, flowers or other things you'd like to share?

    For the record: SMP8's influence on me may or may not have had something to do with me coming up with this event. But truth of the matter is that I've been doing some blastmining long before I ever set foot on EMC :)

    And no: I am not referring to MCMMO (plugin). Just plain, honest, blast mining with TNT and flint & steel.

    Trust me guys: it'll be a blast! :D
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  2. Will the event end with a big bang? :)
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  3. I'd suggest having ender chest access, since only the person who put the items in it, can take the items out (of course, they'd need to have an empty ender chest inventory for that to be useful). You might also suggest participants bring a donkey/mule along, so that they can attach chests too it, since they'd be locked to everyone else (though you'd probably still want someone watching the animals, so people don't grief them).

    Pre-event suggestion - Have another event where you all go out and mob hunt creepers to gather gunpowder, so that you can craft more dynamite for the main event. You would probably want to do this at a desert, so you can gather sand during the daylight hours and hunt creepers during the night. Suggest everyone drop their difficulty to default (level 5), and power up with some 8:00 minute strength potion and ride a horse, to maximize mobility and slaying speed for the creeper hunt.
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  4. That is most certainly an option depending on how much we got left.

    I feel stupid that I didn't come up with this idea myself. Brilliant, and easily doable because I got a shop selling these, so if I were to make a dozen or so to allow easier access (I got a DC of obsidian, so this is doable for me) then I'd still be able to put them to good use later.

    I'll keep this in mind, but for now I am already busy doing mob hunt sessions. I got 9 stacks of gunpowder (which isn't all that much yet but a good start) but I also got nearly a DC of TNT. So I have some reserves to go on ;) Might even do a reverse auction;)

    But thanks for the tips, I'm definitely going to work them out and see if such a pre-event is also doable!
  5. And we have our first victim, contestant! Congratulations LBoss, you won't regret this, but I do suggest to try and get a good insurance policy before the event begins :)
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  7. Da bump! anyone? ;)
  8. Well, lets try another bump but I'm guessing not too many players are comfortable with TNT :)
  9. I would love to come
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  10. I'll gladly come to the event!
    It sounds...
    Explosive. :cool:
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  11. Well, we got 2 contestants and one possible contestant, that's a start. At least we can have a real competition now, guess I'd better start preparing this week. But in hopes to gain more attention lets try another small bump :)
  12. Can I guess who the possible contestant is? :D
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  13. And lets bump this again 8) reminds me to make more preparations
  14. Apologies, but I am canceling the event.

    Not merely because of the small amounts of interested players but more so of the players who pointed out the flaws of TNT on EMC to me. And I have to admit that the critics are right: you can't chain TNT in the wastelands at all, so its always only a one block explosion and yah... I can see how that takes the fun or advantage away for some people.

    So next stop will probably (most likely) be the treasure hunt.
  15. bad shelly bad shelly. go to ur room