Sheep glitching out and dieing?

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  1. Okay so I have a little animal farm below ground on my res. I have a few sheep there. Well I decided to have more then just 2 by breeding them. I eventually had quite a few and tried to count most of them.

    I also started to notice them glitching out and being able to climb walls. Which made no sense. They would be in the dirt or whatever and you could see their shadow and they could get down at times but they seemed to liked to stay up high.

    Well I kept coming back and noticing some were gone completely cause there were fewer then I had. I then started a count on a word document.

    I found out after doing a full count over two days I have lost 8 sheep already. I think they are climbing the walls or getting pushed into walls by other sheep and either dieing or getting stuck in the wall and then dieing or something.

    I tried expanding their pin so they would have more room to walk around and such (even though they had plenty before) but yeah I still lost those 8.

    So anyone else having this problem or see sheep climbing the walls?

    And anyone have a solution to fix this or something? And I have yet to see it happen in single player so yeah. Right now I only have a few sheep left and ill keep track of them seeing if any die or disapear.

    And before anyone even suggests it. I have given permissions to no one else. Its just me that can get to them.
  2. Oh and on a related note. Cows still don't seem to breed in town. I have given them wheat and saw the hearts thingy.
    They get close but no baby cow. Single player it works but not here. Since I haven't seen any topics about it for some reason.
  3. I am sorry, the game is not perfect. Only so much I can do to fix these kind of things, Minecraft or Bukkit needs to fix most. :(
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  4. the same thing happend to me with my chickens! its insane!
  5. No I understand I just am wondering if anyone else has been able to find a fix like someway or a certain building material or building way to make it so they don't somehow climb walls and get stuck in some of the ceiling and such. :S

    I first started with wood fense which I put all the way to the ceiling. They climbed that and thats how I lost most of them. I then tried having 3 sets of fense between each pin. That still didn't work. I then decided to just go with dirt walls and that still isn't perfect but its better. Idk why a dirt wall is better then a wooden fense (which most people would use to enclose animals I see it all the time).

    I also have to expand my chicken one cause they are kinda getting out of hand. Cows however don't give me any problems what so ever. :S other then not breeding. :S

    And the pigs are the hardest cause they can climb walls and go through only 1 tall block holes. I don't really want to waste a bunch of space just for a animal farm but I think I might have to.
  6. are you acually watching them climb out or?
  7. I have seen sheep climb walls before. Like they seem to float up them a little ways then fall back down.

    And I never see them escape exactly. I do see them where they look like they are walking through the fense and get a ways from it before reappearing in the fense. I think when they do that when im not on the server they can somehow get out by like when someone is near my res enough or when I get back on the server at my res they reform outside the fense and then can walk around outside of it.

    Its really annoying still but yeah. I just have to round them up each time I come back to my res. I have had a few instances where my mooshrooms have gotten out and one case where a baby one got out and a neighbor took it and claimed he found it. He eventually gave it back but yeah.
  8. I was unable to play properly for 3-4 days and noticed that my mushroom cows are down to 2. before i left i had about 15 ish :S and the same happened to my pigs too. They are all in a enclosed farm with no way out but the mooshrooms somehow get out and wander around my plot or out of it :S
  9. Yeah animals are still super buggy in MC, sorry I hope they fix it. Until then I would recommend you do anything related to this in one session.
  10. I lost a mooshroom. Deal with it.