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  1. Hello, this is my first post in Empire forums.
    i wish to sugest a way to split profit of the sales when you have a shop with a friend. For example i built a shop with a friend but we dont want to separate chests, for items. when someone purchases the item the profit will be split for the owners of the shop.
    I dont know if this is possible but will be cool. Maybe instead to put the player name, we can be able to create a partner group and instead the player name on the sign, the parnter group name.
  2. Welcome! Unfortunately the idea has been suggested before and wasn't accepted D:
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  3. I've preferred in the past to divide up chests with anyone I ran a shop with as it seems simpler to me. You don't have to worry whether your partner is putting less effort in than you and if they let their chests run down you can work out an agreement to fill it or just sell to it. You do have to be fair about how you divide things up since some things are more profitable than others. A lot of people have asked for this sort of feature so there must be some advantages to it.

    In the past discussion mainly dwelt on how to twist the current shop sign code we use in order to accommodate it. The idea of creating a named group seems like an interesting way to work around the problem with signs and brings these similar ideas to mind:

    EMC-343 and EMC-105 look like they may be released soon. It seems like EMC-343 could be modified to do Shop Chest sharing.

    EMC-313 was linked in this thread by Aikar:

    I think that idea could be used as well but it seems to have been over ridden by work on other things.
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  4. Ooh i didnt know that. Thank you for info ... :D
  5. Cool, maybe you are right.. i just think the group idea is a good implementation... i liked the tracks you posted. Thank you :D
  6. One specific reason as to why this was denied:

    Set up sell chest with another person.
    Get on alt
    Take items
    Pay primary account
  7. I wasn't really shooting your idea down. I was pointing out that your suggestion seemed compatible if EMC-343 were modified or extended or possibly doable in some other way. In my opinion, it makes it your idea more desirable because it fits together with other things that are planned or done already.

    I haven't much liked the idea in the past because I would dislike stocking a chest that someone else might not be stocking but still having to share the profit. If the whole shop were set up this way, I may change my mind though, since not all items are as profitable to stock as others and it could even out the inequity and make us feel more like partners. Theft is an issue since I wouldn't run a shop with someone I did not trust and it would eventually become apparent if anyway regardless of how it is set up.

    EMC-343 would allow you to create a named group on your Residence then allow you to give that group Residence permissions like Build or Use. It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to allow the Residence owner to put a Group name on a Shop Sign then assign Rupees to everyone in the Group whenever the sign is clicked.

    A problem I didn't consider earlier would be the math... You could probably avoid fractional values by giving the remainder to the Residence owner. An item that sold for 100r and split between three people, for example, could be split 34:33:33 to keep it simple.

    If you have a sell shop and one of you don't have the Rupees the sale would have to be denied which could be disappointing if it is not in your control to do anything about it.

    If you wanted to change the ratio of proceeds people in a group receive you could manipulate the Group by adding members multiple times. For example, if you wanted to get two thirds of our shop's proceeds, you could put me in a group named "PNPShop" then add yourself or an alt as a second and third group member which would get you your two thirds.

    One aspect of this feature that seems like it could be an advantage would be the ability to essentially change the ownership of all the chests at once along with a player's permissions by removing them from a group. A mall owner could have groups set up for different sections like Stone or Redstone and remove or replace a player in a group with a command without touching any signs.