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  1. Hi gang!

    We all know the drill, right? You step into the wastelands and one of the first things you'll see is this message: "Do not build structures here as it can be reset without warning.". Makes perfect sense, after all; if you build something and then take a break for a few weeks then it is possible that you'll come back to a completely different wasteland.

    Even so, sometimes we just feel like ignoring staff's well meant warnings and like to do our thing anyway, in this case by building cool structures in the wastelands while usually fully realizing that there will come a time when it goes to back to waste again. p00f :)

    Sometimes because we feel like it, other times because some builds can really help you or your fellow players out.

    So yeah... pictures or it hasn't happened ;)

    Are there any interesting builds which you spotted in the wastelands?

    Now: sharing any coordinates or not is obviously fully up to you, but I do urge you to be careful with that. Even though it is the wastelands. My idea is simply to share any cool wasteland builds so that we can at least preserve them as a picture a bit.

    My build isn't very special, but even so it can be quite useful:

    A water elevator right outside spawn which will take you down to my underwater build which has a mine which you can use to quickly get down to y10 without any risks of hostile mobs.

    Going down!

    ... which gets you to my underwater mine:

    Although it may not be as resourceful as, for example, an Extreme Hills (emeralds!) you can still find some interesting things here and there. Only this morning did I manage to bag several blocks of gold and I also found a "spawner room" (a room build out of mossy cobble which features a spawner and 2 chests with loot).

    The only thing to look out for is when you're digging to the surface. One block too many can get you the whole ocean to flood in ;)
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  2. Just for fun, I built this fort at the end of a road Redneckpeck and I made. There's no real point to it, since it's within eye shot of the outpost, but I was bored and the sand dune was there, so yeah...


    A couple more shots:

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  3. don't have one :O
  4. If you need lava buckets then SMP2 can help you out. Aya discovered this when filling up some lava buckets and we immediately went out to make something useful (while I'm writing this we're busy smelting & assembling almost 2DC of clay balls; we already got 18 stacks of brick blocks out of this).

    /wnether w on SMP2, go south:

    This is ideal if you got a lava furnace like I do, easily refilled. We made the pillars to help you block fireballs from ghasts. There is another danger here though, far more dangerous than any EMC custom mob:

    (sorry, sorry, sorry, I thought it was kinda funny... Guess I'd better start running ;))