Share Your Nostalgic Moments

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  1. This idea may have been done before, but lets make a new thread about it. The way this works is that you share one of your memories from childhood, or when you were younger. I shall start:

    This was in 1-5th grade. I went to a private school, with a Preschool next to it. And on the second to last day of every school year, this band would come in and do a goodbye ceremony for the kids going into kindergarden. We bordered the school with a field, and the band performed on that field. We also had a playground with monkey bars which me and my friends sat on to watch the band play. It was an amazing experience every time.

    Now that I shared my nostalgic moment, you should share one if you feel so inclined!

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  2. I remember in Pre-K, I remember during Easter, they held a easter hunt, well, it wasn't exactly finding the eggs, it was more like they just put a bunch of eggs in a certain area, and we had, say, 5 or 10 minutes to put as much as we can in our pails. And I got extremely excited that I found an egg with one of those mini race car toy things. Too bad Easter barely means nothing to me now..
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  4. I remember in pre-school, It was nap time, and i wanted my mother. I told the lady who was watching us (Our teacher switches with another person during naptime), that i wanted to go home, and she said to me: "Go back to sleep." And went back to reading her book.
    I then got ill, and vomited in the restroom. I told the lady, and she says: "Whatever." and goes back to reading her book.
    My mother than checks on me 10 minutes later, and sees my crying under the table in a small ball, and the lady doesn't even look up when my mother takes me out.
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  5. o.o Whoa....

    Anyway, I changed schools to go into a gifted program about 3 years ago, and every time I pass, I get some sort of nostalgia. And remember my friends. My very, very, very weird friends. We were weird.... did I mention we were weird? anyway, I remember when I was in grade 4, we had a sub for the whole 3rd term, and they were making a new mural for the school. The teacher picked 10 kids, but I wasn't one of them. Of course, about 5 of them did the exact same thing I did, but didn't get caught out doing them :p sooo...... i'm not annoyed....
  6. Back in 1st grade, the teacher asked me to pronounce the word " as " and pretty much everybody mispronounced it. Funniest day ever.
  7. ... I have a bad feeling about this....
  8. My childhood from grades 1-4 were awesome. I had no fear in talking to people, and I had a very easy time making friends. Grade 5 comes, and I am suddenly very awkward and don't talk to new people a lot.
  9. is grade 5 when junior high/middle school start? (Do they even have Junior High anymore :confused:)
  10. Grade 5 is the last grade in Elementary in Canada and the US. Grade 6 is sometimes in Elementary in some schools, but its the start of middle school for me. Grade 9 is also sometimes in middle school, but its the start of highschool where I live.
  11. Huh... here in Vancouver it's elementary > high school > university