Share your Minecraft pixel art

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  1. When it comes to pixel art I'm a fan of it and like to do it ever so often in Minecraft. So I want to see your pixel art too! I will show you one I recently made in Minecraft for Heartstone. So let's see yours too!
  2. Hey, thats pretty good
  3. thanks
  4. I have a couple around the smps you just need to find them lol
  5. I actually started up doing map art on utopia a while ago. I have a few done and making more. Will share them later when I can get online :)
  6. As mentioned, here are two of our pixel map arts done on utopia.

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  7. I found it on the Smp7 live map in town ;)
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  8. That is one, there are a couple more.
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  9. Hm... I have done this a bit sometime in the past, but it didn't really appeal to me.
    This gal on YouTube is quite good at it: (this is one of the simpler ones, she did some quite complicated ones too, which you can check out using the playlist).
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  11. Check smp4. Exactly the same