Share your Holiday Decorations!!!

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  1. So I just finished decorating the tree (with only one injury)!
    Our theme this year was Doctor Who since Moose agreed last year, but didn't think that I would remember =P

    I promised people that I would post the results so here they are. Feel free to critique or share your own pics of your Christmas trees or other holiday things =)

    Happy Holidays!
  2. Those little tardis lights*
    nice :D
  3. Actually....not ornaments
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  4. would it be ok if i posted a picture of my menorah?
  5. Absolutely. Editing main post now =)
  6. Will post a picture later, but my favorite holiday deco we have at my house is that we live in an apartment complex, and we live in the basement, but our windows have lights on them so when you walk up to the hallway door outside you see our lights :)
  7. Here is my christmas tree. I decorated it myself

  8. Last year's theme was kittens =P
    cat tree.jpg
  9. This year Zoidberg knows better...he will only touch the ornaments gently, then run away...
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  10. ...Zoidberg?
  11. The cat
  12. I can get rid of those cats for you if needed be :D
  13. But why Zoidberg?
  14. why not?
  15. I can't answer that.