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  1. I just had a really vivid dream last night and I wanted to share it with people. And now I thought "What if everyone shared their dreams? That would be cool, and we could help figure out what they meant!" So, that's why I created this thread.
    Couple of rules.
    1. If it happens at a school you go to, we don't need to know the name of the school. Just tell us it's your school
    2. Same thing with peoples names. If they are real people, don't mention their names. Just tell us it's a friend, or a teacher, or anyone else like that
    My dream will be posted below this
  2. Here's my dream as promised:

    Last night I had this really weird dream.
    So, I somehow was back in my freshman year, but it was different because I started there during the middle of the year. All my friends that are seniors (my grade) or have already graduated were there, even those that weren’t there that year. Anyway, I started talking to my friends, even though they didn’t know who I was.
    I made friends with them. However, I had to keep to myself that I already knew everyone there, including the teachers names and where classrooms were.
    So, my best friends (the best friends out of my friends) formed a group within the group. We would go out at night driving around town, and explore. It was during one night that I told my best friend what actually happened with me like how I actually knew everything about them and all the others. One night we went to this cafe that I swear I’ve seen before in a previous dream a long time ago. Kind of a mix between a small town coffeehouse and a sandwich shop.

    Anyway, that’s all I remember, but when I started whispering it out loud, I started crying for some reason

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  3. That's cool! I think many of my dreams aren't EMC appropriate, though :p I haven't had lucid dreaming in a while either.