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  1. So while I was making a new folder of wallpapers today I thought I would share them, but I didn't want to bump the old thread (because everyone will be like 'y u bump dis?') In my new wallpaper collection I have a mix of games/tv shows I like and nature/travel pictures. It seems I am obsessed with 'city' photography so I have plenty of them :p But this is my favourite;

    General rules to the thread:
    • Make sure the wallpaper follows EMC rules (eg. No hate speech or inappropriate images)
    • If you have more than one wallpaper you would like to share, put them in spoilers to avoid making pages long
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  2. Nothing fancy here.
  3. Here is my desktop. I may add my start screen once 8.1 comes out.
    Screenshot (11).png
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  4. I find it pleasing to look at.

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  5. Here are some of my favorites:

    Wall 1.jpg
    Wall 2.jpg
    Wall 3.jpg
    Wall 4.jpg
    Wall 5.jpg
  6. what is that icon?!!?!? (Do want)
  7. So yea, i decluttered my desktop (also cant wait until 8.1, but not really too much differences for me) but here you go. With a space themed background, because I'm to lazy to compile a bunch of pictures that I would barely ever see, I decide to just use one picture, and every so often change it
  8. 8.1???..... what is dis you speak of
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  10. I used xwidget to get those. I also have a Ubuntu themed thing that slides in form the left when I mouse over there.

    8.1 is the new version of windows that does many things. One of the things is putting any picture as the start screen wallpaper.
  11. I have 2 screens, if you were wandering. And sorry about the resolution on the first one! :confused: desktop.jpg
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  12. Yes it is, it's my fav map, I should have Caspian Border from Battlefield 3 on the second one!
  13. Yep :)
  14. Since nothing in this thread is time sensitive and is simply a place to post images, I am going to bump it.

    My Desktop using Plasma5. Pretty simple but I like how it looks. I like subtle blurring and how OSX does things. There is also krunner and yakuake which are launched with a shortcut.
  15. We had a new thread like this very recently.. :p
    So to me, it doesn't make much sense posting pictures again here, as I haven't changed anything since.
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