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  1. The title says it all, come up with something useful, crazy, pretty much anything it doesn't have to consist of real minecraft items just post some ideas below.
    Here's a good example(I found on google):
    Just post things like this that you have made up :p
    *note: this thread is for fun, not for suggesting recipes to Aikar and the Devo team.
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  2. -Emerald Sword (More Powerful than Diamond and Less than Obsidian) (Durability of Diamond)
    -Redstone Sword (Equal Power and Durability to Iron) (Activates Redstone Objects when you hit them)
    -Lapis Sword (Golds Power, Irons durability)
    (all same as others swords but with that material)

    For the Rest I will use this for showing recipe (X=item O=blank)

    -Mega Tnt
    (9 times as powerful as normal tnt)
    (used for saving time)

    -4th Slabs (the remain leftovers from steps)

    -Invisible String
    (One string and one invisibility potion)
    (Only the Placer can see it)
    (Crafted with 8 string and 1 invisibility potion in the middle)

    -Disguised Trip Wire
    (Trip Wire Disguised as a block)
    (Crafted with 8 of the block and 1 tripwire in the middle)

    Just a few Ideas I came up with.
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  3. Slimy Rails.

    Crafted like a normal rail, but 1 slimeball in the top middle and the bottom middle. Useful for slowing down tracks but keeps them going.
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  4. I actually really like this idea