Share Your Cool MineCraft Photos!

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I decided to make a thread where you can share you cool minecraft photos you've taken! I have been messing around with some shaders and actually found one I am sticking with :p So I am going to be taking cool photos with that :3 You go ahead and share ur photos to they can be spooky, elegant, funny, etc.. Also if there is any place/res you want me to take a photo of then just tell me :p

    Photo #1:

    Photo #2:

    Photo #3:
    ( /v 12731 on smp6 Fishing Res :3 )

    Photo #4:

    Thats All I Have For Now, Hope You Like My Photos and Ill Have More In The Future and Dont Forget To Share Your Photos Below :D
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  2. BUMP!

    I Got Some New Photos!

    Photo #1:

    Photo #2:

    Dont Forget To Share Some Of Your Cool Photos!
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  3. I took this photo a while ago :)

    Resource pack: Glimmars Steampunk v17
    Shaders: Sildurs Vibrant shaders v1.06 High

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  4. Your Photo 3, Took the same res, last year for winter update...

    And then the res next took this one, last year as well...

    My museum at spawn on smp6 (So Far)...

    My public Farm Hub on SMP6 (Still building)

    Hope you Enjoy, :)
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  5. They all look really amazing :)
    But i was wondering what resource pack and or shaders you are using in this photo?
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  7. Thats so beautiful <3