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  1. It's that time of year again. On the The East coast anyways.

    I love to cook. My chili has always suffered though. If you have a recipe, share it here and help me out. Also share what region the recipe comes from. I.e. US, EU, NZ, AU.
  2. I love Chili. Sadly I don't have a recipe. Just Paula Deene Cookbook's version! Jk. I can't cook.
  3. chill makes me puck :(
  4. I've always wanted to try Alton Browns (Good Eats) recipe for chili but it would have to cost more than $50 to make.
  5. Chili! :D Sorry, I'm kind of a 14 year old who doesn't really cook :/ but my mom makes Paula Dean's recipe and its pretty good.
  6. My recipe:
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  7. I also like cooking, even if I prefer not doing it for myself only.
    Not sure if you consider this Chili, without the beans. but by looking at photos online, I'd say it's quite close :) :

    1) In a large deep pan, I start by frying onion and garlic in olive or sunflower oil, along with a bit of salt. (High heat)
    2) When these start getting slightly brown, I add the ground beef, and break it up into small bits with a wooden spatular, while mixing it with the onion and garlic.
    3) I leave the meat to cook a tad (just to get some sort of brown coat on the chunks), and then add the spices :
    • Salt, pepper, cumin, curcuma, ground coriander seeds, chili powder (I use peri peri, but paprika also works), and Worcestershire sauce.
    Don't cook the meat too much before, or it won't aquire any taste from the spices. After adding, mix everething well, and cook the meat further. Keep breaking the bigger chunks with spatular (it gets easier as they cook).

    4) When the ground beef is more or less well cooked and that the smaller bits start getting dry, add some diced tomatos (or blended fresh ones) and a bit of tomato sauce. To get the most out of the canned sauce, I have this trick of using some boiling water to wash out what's left in the can after emptying. At that pont, you can even add chili sauce/ chili preserves
    Add some extra cumin, turmeric and some coriander leafs, mix well, and leave it the mixture to rest and heat at medium heat.

    5) At fist it will look fairly watery, but the excess water will eventually evaporate. Stirring periodicallly every now and then will help get the moisture out faster and more homogeneously, while not disturbing the cooking too much.

    6) When the water has evaporated enough, it should be good. Taste, add some salt/pepper if needed.

    You can enjoy eating this with some sour cream and tabasco on nachos ;) If you really want to add the beans, my guess would be to add them at the same time as the tomato.
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  8. ok

    Get a packet of McCormick white chili mix, 2 chicken breasts, thawed , a can of white beans, and a cup of water

    follow instructions on back
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  9. I have an unusual way of cooking, I usually start off with premade products and fill in the blanks as it were in their product to make it taste like I think it should have.

    I used to make chili myself, but it's really gotten to the point that it's less expensive and very close to as good to make it with a "starter product".

    I start with a can of hormel chili, add in a teaspoon of bull's eye BBQ sauce, some garlic powder, some pepper, and some four-cheese blend shredded cheese (the kind for tacos). Then I warm it in the microwave (the stove is just too much energy and heat waste IMO for this kind of thing) then stir to mix the cheese in thoroughly... and then crush a half a tube of ritz low salt crackers (hint of salt I believe they call them) and sprinkle them on top and serve.

    It's surprisingly good, and very filling and hearty.
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  10. Eh Bigdavie's lazy chilli con carne
    serves three large portions

    500g beef mince (about 1lb)
    Tin of red kidney beans
    couple of sliced peppers (frozen are fine)
    Tin of plum tomatoes
    chilli powder or chopped chillies to taste
    Microwaveable rice

    Throw the lot into slow cooker (crockpot for the Americans) and leave on low for 10 hours. After 10 hours follow instruction on cooking rice. And serve.
  11. We had a chili cook-off not too long ago at work. The one entitled "decongestant" was my favorite, and it worked as advertised LOL. There were some very unique ones as well. I tried the "chocolate desert chili" which did indeed include both beans and meat, and to my surprise, it was not bad. They were all pretty good. My vote usually goes to the one with a good mix of beans, meat, and veggies that is hot enough to melt faces.
  12. When I make chili, I usually start with this (Caroll Shelby's chili kit), mostly so I don't have to buy a giant bag of masa to thicken one batch of chili:

    I brown the ground beef with a ton of onions, bell peppers and garlic, and then follow the directions for chili with tomatoes. At the very end I stir in a can of beans.

    I serve it the first night with cheese, sour cream and raw onions on top and a big batch of cornbread along side. The second day it gets the noodles :D

    I 'd say this is a "Texas Red" style of chili, but I add beans, cause my Momma did, which is technically against the Texas Red Rules, but is still plenty tasty :p
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  13. Pen's worst way to cook ever.
    Grab the food needed.
    Open the can/package/whatever it is.
    Cook what needs to be cooked at whatever temperature you want.
    Plate the food.
    And yes, I use this recipe quite often. :D
  14. My extent of cooking is whatever I do on games or whatever goes into the microwave or toaster oven because CamerinDrake does all our cooking. Most of the time it consists of tossing the most random stuff in the pot. His is as follows:

    Brown however much ground beef you're going to use.
    Tomatoes and Tomato paste.
    1 tbsp cinnamon
    2 tbsp chili powder
    2 tsp salt (he forgets this when he cooks)
    1 tsp Cayenne pepper
    1 or 2 bell peppers
    1 large onion
    Large can of kidney beans

    DON'T add too much water is a good reminder :)
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  15. I cook the can... then pour on plate, delicous
  16. By can I hope you mean the food in the can…:p
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  17. Maybe he does like they show on tv where they put the can over a fire or something.
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  18. Not exactly sure.
    My mom gets beans.
    Chilly sauce.
    Some meat.
    Cooks it.
    We eat it.
    She doesn't like to spice it up a little.
  19. So I went to the grocery store today and felt compelled to buy chili fixins! Great idea, vivid. The weather here is just starting to cool off, and chili will be perfect for supper :D
  20. I bake cakes, cookies, biscuits & I can make fruit salad and pasta bake, and mushroom sauce, but i'll have to try making chili one day. Looking forward to trying some of the recipes on this thread :D