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  1. I was here bored and doing nothing, so I started browsing some old cartoon/anime characters from my childhood in this infinite source of knowledge and kittens we call the internet. So this crazy idea came to me: sharing some of the most badass characters we know, from all kinds of media.
    Here are some of mine (all kind of gory):

    *Watch from 7:56 and on. Couldn't get the forums to accept a specific time :oops:

    So, what are the most badass characters YOU know? Are they from a cartoon, anime, movie? Share them with us!
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  2. 'nough said :cool:

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  4. Yeah, can't believe I forgot about him.
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  5. The Doctor (to be specific, I find his current incarnation to be much more 'badass' than his previous selves :p). (From Doctor Who, if it wasn't obvious enough for you).

    Daryl Dixon. (The Walking Dead)

    Rick Grimes. (The Walking Dead, again)

    Edward Kenway. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag)

    Blackbeard/Edward Thatch. (From anything he's in *specifically, ACIV*and also IRL lol)

    Joel. (The Last of Us)

    My Stark character in Crusader Kings II in the ASOiF mod.

    And if you think really hard about it, Isaac from The Binding of Isaac is pretty badass too. He's a naked child on the run from God and his mum, who kills his aborted brothers and sisters and monsters in his basement with his tears while merging himself with multiple foreign objects of unknown origin (don't do this in real life, children).
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  6. Not just Joel, Elly too! That part where she takes on the guy inside the restaurant on fire... awesome!