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  1. The Empire Minecraft Wiki is filled with all kinds of information that goes beyond any of the in-game help. Even the oldest of players can find something new in it. For example, I had no idea the resshout command until I saw it while looking for something else. To help other players learn some new things, share something you didn't know about before.

    Just go into the wiki "Page List" tab and choose one of the pages. Read through it and if it has anything interesting to you, post it here. If not, look for another.

    Hopefully this will be a fun way to share some cool new things.
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  2. I have spent what seems a lifetime sifting through the wiki. Especially when I first got here!

    The first thing I learned from the wiki was how to set up teleport signs on my res, change the default teleport place on my res and how to make shops.

    For my sharing, to set the default teleport to your res, stand where you want and look the direction you want people to be facing when they spawn in and type /tpset its that simple!!

    Edit: obviously most people know this but we do have those new people and its one of the things I get asked the most :D
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  3. I learned it has an edit button! :eek:

    Sorry, sorry, sorry :D Silly joke on my end. For those who don't know: contrib. team members are tasked with keeping the wiki up to date, as such my pun comment. But I honestly really like your thread here and I'm curious what others have to say! (no bias at all here, honest! :rolleyes:) ;)

    So a more serious comment: When I first started on the Empire I always kept the wiki commands page open, so that I could quickly look up what commands we (=friends & my from another server) might need to get things going here. I guess it's true when I say that I learned most of the EMC commands thanks to the wiki.

    Truth be told I learned a lot from the wiki and yeah... That, and that alone, made it all the more special to me that I got invited to help improve the wiki even more. True story: one of the first things I did when I got added was to "apologize" to some staff members that I wasn't going to send any more wiki updates their way :)

    oh,good times :)
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