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  1. Heeey Guys :D
    I am quite a guitar player myself, and i wish to hear from you guys!
    This is basicly a thread for showing off either yourself playing guitar, or anyone else playing guitar.
    I'm gonna start out with this amazing masterpiece by jbtdotcom.
    It's madness how people can play like this. I've been playing for roughly 4 years myself, and i can kinda hear myself in this some placed, and some places i just gotta lay down and accept that he is better than me..
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  2. Can i show myself playing violin? :p
  3. That'd be epic!
  4. yay :D and that way my parents won't keep telling me to practice my violin xD
  5. Sorry to be another violinist in the guitar thread but I'd thought I'd share too. This is me playing the 2nd caprice by Paganini. It's from a couple years ago (and unpolished) when I had a decent camera phone. I don't have a camera phone anymore so...

  6. I wish I could play guitar inhumanly well. Anyway, here is a cover I found:
  7. Stairway to Heaven, by FAR the best guitar solo I've ever heard!!!

    Just the solo (small part of the whole thing)

    Entire song
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  8. --

    Another piece of art right here for everyone..
    And well, no one makes a guitar solo thread without including Slash, right?
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  9. And some random dude I found:
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  10. Besides Kashmir this is my fav rock piece :)

    also has quite a fancy solo in!

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