shall we talk about MarioKart7?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by colepuncher, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. So I've been looking through this forum and I've noticed there are no mario kart 7 threads!

    So I'm just going to make one...

    If you haven't seen this game, its basically mario kart from like the N64(<== tried to compare it that way) but
    way better.

    If you want to play, I can tell you how we EMCers can play together without being on the
    same WiFi. (in a PM and, disclaimer: it may not work)

    For your conveinience, I am colerbear there if you want to play.
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  2. What? How is it like mario kart 64? It is more like double dash or wii than it is the n64 version :confused:
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  3. ...wut? Its nothing like the N64 version.
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  4. What about MK8? :(
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  5. I expected we could talk about the DLC pack 1 in MK8. But.. Erm, yeah. MK7 is cool. I guess
  7. I just tried to compare it that way. :p
  8. I thought you guys would not be into that mk8 junk... :(

    Give the Old stuff some love! D:
  9. Fox dung! Mario kart 7 isn't old at all for starclan's sake! We don't like MK8 just for the graphics, we like it for the gameplay. If we cared about graphics... we wouldn't get a wii u.
  10. I must admit in my opinion Mario Kart Double Dash was the best mario kart and should be remade XD
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  11. Wait, are you talking about the 3DS game? I uh, haven't played it, so.. can't really say much about that.
  12. I am. you need to play it tho. Who wouldn't? :confused:
  13. I'm pretty sure your picture is mario kart 8 :p
  14. The one in the thread isn't, it's MK7 :3 here's mario kart 8 friend
  15. What!? O_O
    First: Mario Kart 8 isn't at all junk, it's a fantastic game, maybe even the best Mario Kart game ever.
    Second: Mario Kart 7 is very new, I really don't see how you could call that game Old stuff.

    I played Mario Kart 7, and it's not too bad I think.
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  16. Old stuff that need love isn't games that came out 3 years ago; old stuff that need love is classic games like Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital, Fallout, Ocarina of Time, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Goldeneye, etc.
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