Shady Project needs YOUR help!

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  1. Hey there everyone! Some of you may not know me, some of you may. But I'm here today to introduce you to the beginning of my Shady Project, the name of which is still a secret. I'm currently working on a project that will consist of four (4) residences, which are shaped in a Tetris-like 'T', that have glass going from sea level to around 160 blocks up. I plan on having a dome on each residence, and they will all be connected together by many paths. The residences will all be filled in with water, somewhat resembling a project I did with my old friend. I will take me over 100,000 pieces of glass to complete the entire project, and the first area (which still isn't complete) has taken me over a month to complete. Now, originally, I was figuring that I would make this into a hotel, as my old project had been ( ). However, after giving it some thought, I realized that I wanted to make something that everyone would get a good use out of and would visit periodically. So, I'm here to ask YOU, the people, what you would like this chain of residences to be. I understand that while a mall may be the best course of action, I can in no way provide all of the materials needed to keep it running. I also thought that I may be abled to have someone else create a mall on this residence for free (this would give the mall a fun location to have been built), but I wouldn't know where to start in finding it. I can still do the hotel idea, but with the desire to have hotels at an all-time low, I figured this wouldn't give the people what they wanted. So, what would you like to see this turn into, guys? Please give me your honest opinions of both the residence and the idea of an underwater (something) residence chain! Thank you for your time!
    This is a view from the bottom looking up. 2013-06-03_21.53.14.png

    This it a view from the top of the residence. Yea, it's pretty high up there.
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  2. Make huge farms on each res going all the way up. have like a 10k fee to join have like (wheat, cane, carrots, netherwart, all else) It would be soooo epic.
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  3. Underwater farming!? :D
  4. That would be cool, although water kinda destroys crops...
  5. Well, I don't plan on having the main building open to the water. It's more to look out at the world in a different sense. :3
  6. Ohhhh, lol.
  7. I WOULD say, but SOME people won't let me donate :3
  8. I've already given you a reasonable answer to why I can't accept donations. :3 Just tell meh!? :D
  9. A Spa or a beautiful Park
  10. Interesting... However, what use would that give?
  11. I like my idea better....
  12. xD I think it might be possible for one of the four residences... I was thinking of something like that anyways. :) But as for the other 3... well, I feel four residences would be slight overkill
  13. 1 res is good as for 3 reses, what to do....