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  1. So, my friend had the idea to create a kind of underwater residence for himself, and I manage to convince him into making a hotel and a small water-based shop. We have been working on it for a bit now, and I want everyone's opinion on the idea and any suggestions for it. We have dug 40 blocks deep. There is a type of path dug into the floor with a glass top so people can get around from the shop to their hotel rooms while viewing the pretty squids floating by. The shop will have water-based items (I.E. Boats, Raw and Cooked Fish, Fishing Poles, Squid Eggs, and Inc Sacs). ^_^ So, what are everyone's opinions of this idea and how it looks so far. (It is located on SMP 8, lot 16007; feel free to look for yourself.) And also, has this already been done by someone else? If so, I don't want it to seem like we were copying their idea; this was all by me and him, as far as I know. :)

    The completed project, with an infestation of squid. :)
    The spawn bubble, with proud owner, Nerone94. :)

    A view from inside the shop building.

    Just a taste of what the shop will have (More will be added). I'll happily change the price if you find something a tad over-expensive. The shop will be all water-based items.

    A view from one of I believe 7 hotel rooms. Each room has identical items, and you may request a new floor to be put in, or more items.

    The largest bubble in the water. I believe it will be rent-able. The floor is changeable by request, and I will be adding the beds, workbench, and furnace. :)

    The underwater path, leading from the store throughout all the apartments. :)

    The Underground Sheep Farm...free for owners of a bubble. (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Black.)

    The Automatic Melon Farm...again, free for owners! :D

    The free wheat farm...I won't repeat myself. :)
  2. Holy Crowes, this is amazing! Shady and Nerone, you have totally outdone yourselves! I love it, and if I didn't live permanently in the wild on SMP8 I would insist that you sell me a bubble for my very own!
  3. Really? You aren't just saying that to be nice, are you? :p
  4. No, really, I love, love, LOVE it!

    In fact, I may just abandon my wild project and come buy one. Is 5k enough?
  5. I don't really know how much he wants for it. xP You have to ask him.
  6. awsum build :) wish you guys could have built next to me on smp2, theres a distinct lack of anything original around me :(
  7. Sorry, he had the idea and he wanted it close to a spawn; since he's diamond, he snagged one on SMP 8. :p It's right on the corner (left) while walking out of the spawn building to the south.
  8. Whoaaa. This is SWEET. I'm moving out of smp8 wild permanently (sorry zoe) so I can outbid margaritte.
    But really, I love it. You guys have done a great job.
  9. I appreciate the nice comments. :) If anyone has any problems with it, please, let me or him know.
  10. So that's how it's gonna be?
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  11. And the video!

  12. ohhh crap u guys work fast
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  13. How much for a room
  14. I am the proud owner of the big bubble, and it's awesome. Now I just need some cool neighbors...
  15. This is like Starwars :eek:
    Cool!! :D
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  16. Would it be mean or flattering if i made a very far copy of this on SMP9? And how did you dig that all out so fast?
  17. Very nice. You all should be proud of that one.
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  18. Alright, I'm back on smp8 and ready to be margaritte's neighbor.
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  19. Star wars underwater = So much cooler than space. :3
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  20. Well, mostly TNT. Though, that left a LOT of floating blocks to dig. :p
    I'm sure Nerone wouldn't care if you made a copy of some sort; I know I wouldn't :p But, you should totally give us some credit if you do so. We need publicity. :)
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