Seven Or Eight Days Away: An EMC Virtual Tour/Story

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  1. Day 0: Introduction

    Hashhog3000 was bored. Very bored. So bored that he was turning green and looking like a zombie with fangs coming out his eyes. Smp4 was peaceful. Too peaceful.

    Sighing, he decided to take a bus to the park in Smp2. On his way to the bus, he spotted a player selling lottery tickets. Shrugging, he bought one and boarded the bus. At the park, he picked up where he had left off: being bored. (Below is his trip to the park in pictures and captions.)
    He gazed at the pond, feeling pretty bored.

    He took a rather boring walk.

    He sat on the bridge and listened to complete and total silence.

    He basked on the rocks.

    He even tried his hand at a bit of fishing.

    But he was still bored.

    Maybe if he hadn't been to the park every day for the past two months, it would have been more enjoyable. But he had indeed been at the park every day for a long time. After a few hours, hashhog3000 traveled back to his peaceful residence. Suddenly, a player sprinted towards him. It was the lottery man! The lottery man told hashhog3000 that he had won the lottery, and presented him with several rupees. Hashhog3000 was overjoyed! He immediately bought some cruise tickets (for the SS Creeper) and packed his chest. It was a good day indeed! The next day he would board the cruise ship in Smp2 and begin an amazing adventure.

    End of Day 0

    Well, that was the first chapter in our little adventure. Each day, the ship will take hashhog3000 (me) to some new place (usually on a new server). He'll travel to many secret places and take photos of them all. Follow the adventure over the next week and see many new places in EMC!

    Places in Chapter 0:

    Hashhog3000's res: type /v hashhog3000 while on Smp4
    The EMC Park: type /park while on Smp2

    Thank you! Tomorrow we journey to either Smp1 or Smp5!
  2. That was hilarious :p Cannot wait till Tomorrow's entry!
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  3. This was too good :p
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  4. Journal entries of a walrus toothed zombie?
    This could get interesting.
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  5. Day 1: Smp1 - Part 1

    Hashhog3000 was loving his cruise. After all the passengers had boarded the SS Creeper, a great portal opened up in the sky. The ship sailed straight through the portal, and hashhog3000 realized that travel by ship cross-server was very different than in the wild. Instead of sailing over oceans of water, the SS Creeper flew through oceans of code. Instead of abandoned boats bobbing in the waves, random items and mobs bobbed through cyberspace. It was different, but hashhog3000 loved it. He put all of his stuff in his luxury suite. He took a quick tour of the ship, went for a swim in the pool, took a nap, enjoyed a round of combat training (guests could safely fight live zombies, skeletons, creepers, and zombie pigmen), and had lunch at the buffet. Feeling tired out, hashhog3000 went and leaned on the railing. Peering over the edge of the ship, he spotted something floating through air. Was that.... an IcecreamCow head!?!?!? Yes! Hashhog leaned as far over the railing as he could. He almost had it when he slipped and tumbled over the edge of the ship. As he shot down through the code-filled sky, he shut his eyes tight. Because of this, he did not notice the portal open beneath him, and he did not notice the players on the ground staring at him as he careened through the Smp1 sky. He did not open his eyes until he slammed into the ground. Because he was in town, he was undamaged, but he was very lost. He looked around. He was on a platform in some sort of building. Above him was a hole in the ceiling, where he must have entered the building. Spotting a walkway below the platform, he jumped down from his porch and ran along the narrow strip of flooring. Sadly, the clumsy hashhog slipped and fell into the water next to the path, and he sank like a stone. When he touched ground, he was in some sort of odd room with no water.

    He smiled. He may be lost, but at least he could live in luxury while he tried to find a way out of this mess. He glanced around and spotted a hall. Like the room, the walls and ceiling were made of water. He walked into the hall and read a couple of signs on the floor.

    Hashhog gasped. He couldn't live here at all! He sprinted down the hallway. He passed two more signs which he didn't bother to read and eventually came to a ladder. He climbed quickly and eventually exited onto a landing. He gasped again, walked to a couch, and sat down, stiff with shock.

    This was the fabled Admin Lounge! That meant that he was in Smp1... but how? He had never been to the Lounge, he had thought that it was some sort of urban legend, like Bigfoot and Smp9! Yes indeed... he couldn't be that lucky. This had to be a dream. Hashhog closed his eyes again and wished that he would wake up. Thinking that maybe if he added a bit of magic to the wish it would come true, he spoke some magic words. He had been told the words really worked, but he had never used them. He opened his eyes and nearly fainted.
    This is what he first saw:

    No... This was wrong. Hashhog ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He entered a large building, and only as he walked up some sort of stairs did he look at his surroundings.

    Weird. Some sort of house? Hashhog went back down the stair-things and went up a real staircase. Looking around, he realized that he was in some sort of toy-making area.

    Hashhog started to have an idea of where he was. He ran down the stairs and walked across the large room until he came to a chair. Standing on the chair, hashhog could see some sort of large list.

    Hashhog's hunch was confirmed. He was in the North Pole, in Santa's Workshop to be exact. Something snapped inside hashhog's head, and he went absolutely crazy. He ran as he had never run before, sprinting in random directions, running into walls. He was so insane that he did not see Aikar's urgent message which stated that a hacker had gotten into the system and made so that players could take damage inside of town. He was so insane that he did not even notice that he had climbed up onto the roof of Santa's workshop. He was so insane, that as he stood on the peak of a roof and looked out at a massive Christmas tree, he thought that he was on a diving board, and that if he would just jump, he would land in the pool of the cruise ship. He was so insane, that he actually decided to go through with this and ran along the top of the roof.

    And so he jumped.

    Hashhog spawned next to his bed on the cruise ship, where he had taken a nap earlier. When he had died, his memories of the past few hours, as well as his insanity, died with him. And so, as he awoke, he felt as though something important had happened, something that he should remember, but couldn't for whatever reason. Two announcements came over the intercom. The first was from Aikar, saying that the hacker had been removed from the system and that everything was back to normal. Hashhog had no idea what that was about. The second announcement said that the guests on the ship should get a good night's sleep, because tomorrow the ship would stop in Smp1. Hashhog was overjoyed. He had only been to Smp1 briefly on a few occasions. He took a quick tour of the ship, took a quick swim in the pool, did some quick combat-training, had dinner had the buffet (he did not remember any of his morning activities), and went to sleep early as suggested. Tomorrow would be a good day!

    End of Day 1

    Whew! Sorry about it being so long, just got a bit carried away. Hope that you enjoyed it! And for those of you Smp9'ers, please take no offense at calling it an "urban legend," I love Smp9 as much as anyone and am just joking around. :)

    Places in Day 1:

    Justin's Secret Lair: Somewhere secret in Smp1
    The Admin Lounge: Has two entrances, one from Justin's Secret Lair, another somewhere near the spawn
    The North Pole: Say the magic words in the Admin Lounge!
    Where I actually died: Type /wild in Smp4 and go to the West Outpost
    The Suite's Bedroom: Type /v 9172 on Smp4 to get to a hotel. I used my little (abandoned) hotel room.
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  6. Tomorrow we continue in Smp1, though this trip will be more enjoyable for hashhog3000 in the story. :p
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  7. Here is a little checklist I made for you guys, here are all the places Hash has gone (will update with each story). See how many of these places you have visited!

    The Admin Lounge
    Justin's Secret Lair
    The EMC Park
    The EMC North Pole
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