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  1. Hi all

    I have not been playing Minecraft very long but it's something i have been looking at for years but the blocky look always put me off, so recently i was talked into getting it buy a couple of members of my gaming crew. I have mainly been server hopping looking for a server that suits my play style and have also hosted my own server for the crew but lack of people on the server made it more of a single player game.

    I'm now looking to find a place to settle down and focus on playing more and having found Empire i might have found it. I do have a couple of question that i have seen no mention of in the rules and that is regarding auto farms and redstone construction. I'm not looking for anything mega just a small chicken farm for food and maybe a small auto furnace and an item sorting system eventually.

    Anyway getting back to the introduction, I'm a mature gamer living in the London area of the UK. Some of my favorite games are Elite: Dangerous as i used to play the original, the Arma series, Space Engineers, Life is Feudal and Racing sims like iRacing and rFactor. I have a fairly capable gaming rig running on an I7 which i spend most days sitting in front of. I occasionally stream on twitch but not often and i am always on my TS3 server. I think that covers most of the relevant details so if you wan't to know more catch up with me on the server, I'm usually on SMP2 at my res when I'm not out gathering.

    See you in game.

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  2. Welcome to EMC! Enjoy your time here, fellow Briton :)
  3. Welcome, as long as the machines / farms do not create blocks..... like a sand Gen. .... then it's fine....

    Would type more but on cell phone.
  4. Welcome to the Empire! I hope that you will stay with us.

    This is bound to happen:
  5. Hi & welcome!

    Regarding farms and redstone, many things on EMC are different and things you can see on YT may not work here.
    For any contraption you need to test the concept first.

    Some examples -
    - single tick pulses do not work
    - spawn rates and mob acitvity are different
    - there are custom mobs
    - there are entity limits
    - anything that would make the server lag is obviously a no-go
    - afk is allowed, but preventing afk detection is not
    - you will be auto-kicked if afk and the server gets like half full (I think above 25 or 30 people) or if the server lags
    - economy here has it's peculiarities
    - there are people that dislike farms and afk farming, but mostly still like to buy cheap farmed stuff :)
    - farms that produce items / blocks are ok (e.g. cactus farm) as long as normal game mechanics is used - no glitches / hacks / hacked clients

    Have fun!
  6. Welcome to EMC! Hope you enjoy your stay. As stated farms are ok as long as normal mechanics are involved & you are not exploiting a glitch. I have seen massive pumpkin, mellon & sugarcane towers that nearly reach the build height limit.

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  8. Hi Ian. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
  9. You, my friend, are in for a treat.
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  10. Make sure you get a texture pack and the mod optifine. The game looks way better with these.
  11. Welcome sir C! Hope you enjoy your stay in the Empire hotel
  12. Welcome to the Empire, you'll love it here - anything you need to know, just ask - someone will always help you out.

    See you around :)
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  13. Thanks for the warm welcome.

    It's been a fun day working out what to do with my res in between breeding cows, sheep and chucks while also doing some forestry on my plot and the odd excursions to the shops and the wastelands.

    Unfortunately my plan for an auto chicken farm fell through as it seems they don't die when hit with lava on my plot unless there is a flag that needs setting which i missed but hey ho, it's fun killing them by hand.

    I now have a start of a plan for the design of my plot so it's full steam ahead tomorrow.

    Good night all.
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  14. I think the flag is called animal damage.
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  15. /res set animaldamage t
    edit- Kev :confused:
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  16. Welcome to EMC! Will see you around smp2 :)
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  17. Hello Mr ian my fellow partner in crime welcome home
  18. Welcome to the Empire! Seems I'm a week late in welcoming you but thought I'd extend that to you, I hope you're enjoying the servers! :)
  19. The cool people all land on SMP2, just saying :cool:

    Hi Ian, welcome to the Empire! I know it's a belated welcome, I've been absent for a bit (and we already chatted somewhat in-game) but yeah ;) Hope you're going to like it here, but seeing how fast you got diamond I guess we don't have to worry about that too much right now :)

    Should not be a problem. When it comes to hostile mobs then your main option is the Frontier (because its a non-resetting world) but for anything else your SMP2 res should do fine. OR your Utopian res. I noticed you also got one of those (good choice IMO) which can really help you expand on stuff :)

    But yeah: if you got questions then shoot. I'm usually often around on smp2; feel free to bug me :)

    The main rule with farms and such is that they're perfectly allowed, but its usage is more or less limited to what you could do as a normal user. So if you have a mod which gets your client to continue clicking then that will be allowed, but only as long as you're around. So if you can respond to other players who PM you. Obviously afk'ing somewhere to get your farms going isn't a problem at all.

    As some players already mentioned: there are some changes from vanilla gameplay. You can find a full overview here (link).

    Nice to meet you, seems I'm your overseas neighbour then :)

    So yeah, hope you're going to have fun. And as mentioned above: if you got any questions then be sure to ask :)
  20. Welcome to EMC!