Setting difficulty of Mobs

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  1. I have been fighting Creepers with my voters sword and without Criticals, its hard to kill it without getting blown up. I thought it would be a good idea to have a setting to change the difficulty of different mobs, like have creeper at 5 and zombie at 6.
  2. Well, I'm a die hard voter tool user myself (normally I only use my voters armor & diamond voter tools) and well... I can't really recognize myself in your story; even though I'm playing on difficulty 6. I agree that it can be a little rough sometimes: you run backwards and even though you're putting distance between the creeper and yourself it still blows up (I suspect that this happens because of minor lag issues). Can't wait to see what'll happen once we go to 1.9.

    Even so, they usually blow up while I've already moved away a bit ;)

    Anyway, I'm not against your suggestion but I can't help wonder if this wouldn't make things extremely complex, both for the players as well as the developers.

    So I'm wondering... Maybe it would be possible to use attack types instead. So: melee attacks, ranged attacks, explosions and optionally pyro attacks. This matches the already existing protection (enchantments) for regular protection, ranged protection, blast protection and fire protection. That might still do what you want while not making things too complex.
  3. I think you are just experiencing regular Minecraft mechanics of the creeper. Not sure what to tell you. I would suggest turning your /PS difficulty down. But I do not believe we plan to change the mechanics of the creeper...
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  4. Thats a good idea, add Pyro... >:)