[Services] AllenCorp Services (take a look and see)

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  1. Hi and I am the onwner of AllenCorp and well we offer a variety of different services including Building, Farming, Design, Suppliers, Redstone, Radio Installment, Decoraters, Animators and much more just ask us and we might come
  2. "We might come" - very reassuring
    Can we possibly have some more details?
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  3. about which services or all of them?
  4. give me info on the animators
  5. Well I am an Animator myself and will animate for ruppees and make ads and shows and parodys although it isn't as high end as the Cinema 4D and Blender I use a Personal Animator and will try to entertain
  6. What does the radio installment include? I know jukeboxes, is it something like that or a feature which I haven't discovered yet? ;)

    And although agree with huckle up there (lol!) it does make the experience all the more exciting of course ;)
  7. ok Radio INstallment includes a Jukebox a ANtenna and receiver and a station guide to guide you thorugh links for certain music you like and so its a jukebox and for 50 more ruppees I will give you a Drum and Piano set and a Bass