[SERVICE] Zombi's Zombuilds and Landscaping!

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  1. :) Hello, Empire! :)
    MissZombicidal here to offer you an awesome deal!

    I'm opening a res build/landscape service to help out anyone who isn't very fond of or feel they aren't very good at building! :D

    My prices and schedule are both subject to change and open for discussion.
    My prices vary depending on complexity, time taken and if materials are provided.
    I may charge 1-15k extra if I supply my own materials.

    => Schedule: <=
    Tuesday 12-6am EST
    Wednesday 12-6am EST
    Thursday 12-6am EST
    Friday 12-6am EST
    Saturday 12-4am EST
    Sunday 12-4am EST

    => Landscaping: <=
    * 1-5k

    => Builds: <=
    * 5-10k for a small build
    * 10-15k for a medium build
    *15-20k for a large build
    *20-40k for an extra large build

    => Interior Design <=
    * 1-5k

    Below are two examples of some recent builds:

    Located at /v 14351 on smp7 is Sarasnake99's Magic Forest!
    Focused mainly on landscaping with a bit of a build.

    And now for the tree house! (same res)

    On to build #2! We'll find BlueVault's wooden humble abode at /v 6665 on smp3!
    Focused purely on a medium-large build with some minor interior design to boot!

    Be sure to post here if you're interested! Thanks for reading.

    P.S. Feel free to check out my own res as another example of my landscaping/small-med build or to just hang out! (/v 6952 on smp3)
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  3. Awesome! You are doing great! Looks like Ximph has some competition. This is cool. I'll have to buy some landscaping sometime...
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  4. You're far too kind! Thank you so much! :):):)
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