[SERVICE] Yixomua's Redstone Design Request Service

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Should I Add a Way to Post a Request In-Game?

Yes 17 vote(s) 85.0%
No 3 vote(s) 15.0%
  1. NOTE: This service is DESIGN ONLY, I usually will not build it.

    If you need a redstone contraption designed (such as a farm, piston door or casino), or something repaired, you can talk to me in-game, PM me, or mail me a book and quill. This service is for designs where you need certain specifications and wouldn't find a design for elsewhere. If there is already a good design out there, I will refer you to it.

    I can provide a schematic and/or a world download of the base machine. The final price is decided after the build is done (including all requested revisions). Keep in mind a design may not be possible within the desired requirements.

    If there is a pre-existing design for what you want, I can give you a schematic and/or a world download. I reserve all the rights to designs I create, but I am willing keep designs private ONLY if the concept is unique and original. This applies to all designs I create and is not limited to the Service.

    If there are any containers that need to be set, I will help you do that (such as filters, randomizers, counters, togglers, etc). I will also help you connect inputs/outputs as needed.

    If there is something that is not working as it should, I will fix it at no cost.
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  2. All public designs will be moved to the WIP redstone portfolio... eventually.
  3. Umm, can I request one of the forums?
  4. i have a redstone thing that needs to be redone I can send you the file if you use schematica? just let me know
  5. Yep. Please provide the schematic and tell me what you want redone in a PM.
  6. About how big will you go? How much money do you roughly want per build? How good are your redstone abilities?
  7. I'm willing to do big builds. How much money it will cost is completely based on the complexity and scale of the designs. I've been doing redstone for several years now, and I know every aspect of it.
  8. I've sent a request :)
  9. Sent a request
  10. I contacted Yixomua to help with redstone issues on my res (less than 1 month old) and he offered trouble-shooting assistance with the machine i was building. His second question had a low-tech answer that I had not thought of, but was glad to hear! Thank you very much Yix!! :)
  11. Hey I have a few things to request. Will you be on today?
  12. Later, yes.
  13. Ok
  14. YIXOOOOO!!! Can you make a redstone machine that just looks cool when it works. Like if i built it under a glass floor it would be fun to look at and cause a ton of lag.
  15. Like a disco floor with a ton of lights? xD
  16. A storage automatic sorter thing with all the items in mc?
  17. No like piston feed tapes! Doors and trap doors! And of course... lights!!!! basicly a machine that does nothing but looks good while doing it
  18. That sounds more like a build request than a design request :p

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  19. Are you just asking for an automatic sorting system, not to demote yix, but tango made a great one i love that uses chests to sort the items.
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  20. It's fine. If there's already a really good design for something like a storage system, I'd probably recommend it instead of designing it. That's the storage system design I'm "using" atm, and it's pretty good, given you'll actually use it (hence "using").