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  1. Hello everyone!
    Today I am here with a new service, Wrecking co. The name kinda gives it away, if you have a big build your never going to get done because of lack of time or just not into it anymore I am the one help I'll wreck it for you!

    Full Plot Build-9-13k
    Small Build-4-6k

    Medium Sized Build-6-8k
    More Info
    For each build prices may vary. I will check the build before I wreck it so I can price,and will get back to you on that in a PM on the forums.Also if you are not really sure if its a big build,small build or medium build PM me. When I am done wrecking your build I will put the remains in an access on your res.*PRICES MAY VARY ON AMOUNT OF OBSIDIAN,GLASS AND GLOWSTONE USED*

    Plot Number:2570
    Size of Build:Not sure
    Will you like your glass/glowstone from build back?: No

    You can PM me or reply to this thread to order

    I hope you find this service useful and use this in the future,Enjoy!
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  2. Hi, I've got a really tiny dirt perimeter that I don't need anymore, it's really small. Could you maybe consider a lower price for it?

    Username: karatekick2001
    Plot Number: 18623+18729
    Size of Build: 60x120 (it's only the perimeter, the entire 60x120 is not filled in)
    Obsidian: No
    Will you like your glass/glowstone from build back?: None in build

    If you want to go check it out, go to 18623, and walk onto the pressure plate that says sports arena.

    If you take the order, just clear the dirt and the one piece of glass that holds the beacon :)
  3. I can do it sure! Would 2.5k be an appropriate price?
  4. I wish you were here earlier ;-;
  5. Do you keep materials or do we get them back?
  6. That sounds okay, I'll get you build flag right away, and if you don't want the dirt, just toss it into the donation bin at my spawn :)
  7. You will get them back.
  8. Build flag given :)
    Thank you!
    You did find the big dirt floor at the very top, correct?
  9. Yes I did.
  10. Yes you will get the materials back.