(Service) Wither killers!

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  1. This is a business where you mail me your wither skeleton heads and I kill the wither for you! I then mail you the nether star back!!

    How to order:
    Pm me on the forums with the amount of withers and what you are paying. Then you mail me the wither heads and I do the dirty work!

    I charge 500R per wither!

    No risk! I have a 100% kill rate! If I lose your wither I will give you a wither star for free!

    Order with this format in the PM!

    Number of withers

    Max order is 50 withers!

    When order is accepted mail me the wither heads and I will mail you the stars!

    I am also now buying wither skulls for 3K. Pm me if you have some!

    I am looking for access to a wither skelly farm that has good rates! Pm me if you have one
  2. Current orders
  3. Im interested. I will mail them now!
  4. Cool, but I have no heads...
  5. Elysphic
  6. Pm me if you have an order so I can keep them organized!!
  7. i would <3 to do this it is a great thought and stuff but...i dont have heads which is a big problem!
  8. Marshmallow did a great job. I recommend this service!
  9. Please no false votes on the poll
  10. I will hunt wither skellies for days now >:)
  11. Poll?
  12. It was deleted.
  13. Bump!! Send in your orders now and I can finish them tommorow!
  14. Hi!

    I'd be interested in getting a Wither killed.

    Name: cadenman2002
    Withers: 1
    Price: 5oor (I'll tip ya another 500r if you get it to me quick :D)

    Please respond to this ASAP, I need this immediately
  15. Oops, heh heh, not the PM