[Service] Thread Revisor (extremely low price)

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  1. Do you have bad grammar?
    Are you a bad speller?
    Are you absolutely horrible at making good threads?

    Then worry no more! I (Ultimamaxx) will revise your OP (original post) for you.

    I can fix spelling errors, punctuation errors, wrong color combinations, and any other mistakes!

    The cost of this depends on how much content you have on your post.

    The minimum amount of in-game rupees I can charge is FREE.
    The maximum amount of in-game rupees I can charge is 1,000r.

    The amount of in-game rupees I will most likely charge is FREE-100r.

    Do you want your OP (original post) revised? PM me here along with the entire content of your post. You will be glad you did. Cause you might not be charged. Feeling generous? Make me charge.

    Service Hours- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs - 4:45pm-9:30pm
    Fri - 4:45-11:45pm
    Sat - 11am-9:45pm
    No business on Sundays.

    iUlti - Ultimamaxx's Company - providing free stuff on EMC since 2013. Well, some stuff..
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  2. Do I get payed if I fix the errors in this OP?
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  3. Two words.
    Spell check
    Anyways yes this is a problem unless you practice writhing everyday XD
  4. I'm just naturally good at writing and spellcheck does not fix grammatical errors
  5. Ultimamaxx helped my Drop Party thread look really good. The best part was it was FREE!!
  6. Then there is grammar check
    JK JK
    But only probs I see is there their and they're
    It's the most common
    Lets go to there their res
    What do you have they're there
    Ect lol