[Service] The Waste Rescue Squad on smp8

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  1. Hello fellow members, later on this week the WRS will be opening the doors and will be back in business and will be accepting applications at /v 16158 or you can message me on here and I'll ask you questions.

    To fill out a application you'll have to give me the answers to the following questions:
    • What SMP are you from?
    • How long have you been on EMC?
    • Do you have a horse?
    • Do you have armor, tools, weapons?
    • Why do you wanna join WRS?

    I hope to hear from some of you. Have a fantastic res of your day.

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  2. im on smp6 I've been on dmc for about 100 days i have a horse i have armor tools and weapons and i wanna join WRS because i wanna be a cop
  3. O goodie, I remember being in a waste rescue squad when I joined last year. Im glad to see people are making these again
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